Accommodating female

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Hotels should train their bartenders not to ask customers for their room numbers, Varwig says, because others nearby may overhear.

Going through airport security at carry-on baggage checkpoints — where liquids are restricted to 3.4 ounces or less — "presents problems to many women," she says.

I relate these two positions to Amartya Sen’s[2] distinction between “arrangement-focused” and “realisation- focused” views of justice. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press.

About the author: Tanja Herklotz is a research fellow and Ph D candidate at the Chair for Public and Comparative Law at Humboldt University Berlin. Torres (Eds.), Third World Women and the Politics of Feminism: Indiana University Press.

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Kroner, a management consultant in Loveland, Ohio, says all that "would have been almost impossible" to do 10 years ago.

Hotels have in-room products such as makeup remover, hand lotion, cotton swabs and other items frequently used by females." Samantha Yamamoto, a clinical consultant in Brookline, Mass., says that when she started traveling frequently on business eight years ago, many hotels did not recognize a woman's needs.

"I could only find a shaving kit in the bathroom," she remembers.

"Airport retail shops provide a large variety of products and services geared toward female travelers," she says.

"Restaurant menus have changed to better, lighter fare.

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