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Bro Jo, I know you can’t guess a lot of what’s happening by reading this email, but you are a wise man and you know things.Just give me your best advice, and I’ll be very happy with it.- BFrit10 has joined Special: Chat [2017-09-14 ] -! - The Korra Fanatic has left Special: Chat [2017-09-14 ] -!

The guys I like are totally out of my league, and I don’t know why I keep torturing myself with it.I know Loud, but I'm asking about the main skype chat [2017-09-13 ] -!- Koolkitty108 has joined Special: Chat [2017-09-13 ] SBVTLH and Madiyunu both Harvey beaks pics [2017-09-13 ] forever [2017-09-14 ] -!I try to make friends, especially in my ward, and I know most of the people there.I know that “guys” like texting, and “men” like talking.

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