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Canal Digitaal is a little unusual as you require a satellite dish that has 2 LNBs capable of receiving both the Astra 19° east Satellite as well as the Astra 23.5° east satellite as well.

This is achieved by using a twin LNB called a Monoblock that allows the reception from 2 Satellites on the one dish.

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The subscription contract for Canal Digitaal runs for 2 years and is payable directly to Canaal Digitaal via direct debit. MONTHLY PACKAGE PRICES: Basic HD €22.95 Family HD €24.95 Entertainment HD €34.95 One-off Registration Fee £59 MONTHLY PREMIUM ADD-ONS Film1 €13.95 Ziggo Sport Total €13.95 Film1 Ziggo Sport Total €21.95 FOX Sports Eredivisie €14.95 (From 2018 now included in standard packages) FOX Sports Compleet €14.95 FOX Sports Combi €19.95 Man-X €7.95 Contract term 2 Years / Charged monthly Example: Basic HD Film1 1st Month 22.95 13.95 49.95 = €86.85 Every month thereafter for 23 Months 22.95 13.95 = €36.90 In order to set up a subscription for you we will require some details from you such as your email Date of Birth and International Bank details for the direct debit.

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