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The scroll screen could have been written for Ep VII. But being a qualified engineer and all she’s a recognisably modern Disney princess (think Moana, even Frozen).

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In fact, you can watch the current most popular stream on Chaturbate by clicking here.But even that was focussed only on Luke and Kylo Ren – just the two of them. How about matching it to the Jedi temple massacre-in-the-rain flashback in ?Great to see Luke Skywalker and the ever dependable Adam Driver get such great moments out of this film. Too much reliance on gaps between films to fill in what happened. Lots of great diverse casting but in new tiny roles. Why do the New Order always park so far away from the entrance to the Rebel Base? For a film playing a strong Madame President image in the poster this is the biggest shocker. Rose is a great character (Joss Whedon’s Firefly, anybody? But this doesn’t excuse doing nothing with all the established leads.

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