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In Western culture since the early middle ages, there have been two calendars widely used, the Julian and the Gregorian.The Julian calendar was in important aspects the one put into place by Julius Caesar.It assumed a year of length 365.25 days, which was a bit longer than the true one of approximately 365.2422 days.It was used more or less continuously for more than a millennium, but as time went on it was realized that the date on which certain events happened, such as the equinoxes, were not what they had been in Roman times.

The Julian calendar, in effect, assumes the true length of a solar year (say from vernal equinox to vernal equinox) to be 365.25 days.

This is not correct, and overshoots the mark a bit, since the true solar year is very close to 365.2422 days.

Even in Roman times the better estimate of 365.2467 days was known to experts, and I have not seen any explanation of why the Julian scheme was accepted when it was known not to be as accurate as it might have been.

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