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When Maya complained to Tristan about not having any money to get home, Miles gave her his credit card.

Maya soon began hanging out with Miles, but when seeing the unstable home and life he lives in, she began immediately distancing herself from him.

Despite her best efforts to claim she hates him and wanting nothing to do with him, it was hinted at that Maya was merely guising a growing crush on him as hate.

Maya was soon forced into accepting his help when Tristan went missing in Paris and she was unable to read the street signs and her way in Paris.

Miles chases after her and tries insisting that she left him and he was drunk.

However, Maya declares that whenever something bad happens he always resorts to doing "the ugly thing" and she can't always be the one to pick the pieces of his messes.

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They introduced themselves and Miles said how he is 'with the band' and gets her and her friends in successfully until they are caught by a security guard who reveals Miles actually isn't with the band.

He was willing to try it as long as it meant being with her again, but soon realized he couldn't live with being a secret and watching Zig openly gloat about seemingly winning her.

After seeing Miles' anger reach a climax with Zig, triggered after being badly beat up by him, Maya declared how she can't be with someone who scares her again and ends their relationship a second time.

After some confusion, tension and jealousy following Maya being convinced to post a sexy music video of herself to promote herself as a music artist and being bullied for it, Miles helped her out in taking a hate site of her down and helped her through it.

After going to see her at her house window, they end up sharing a kiss.

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