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MM posted by Mark Maxwell on at pm Going through old e mails and found this thread again.

I went back to the UK in '83 and was very happy to see the school had been bulldozed, unfortunately the memories cannot be erased so easily!

Don't remind me of Rogers he was head boy when I first came ,what a self opinionated religion driven little prat he was.

He had a lap dog called Wilson who ran away from school undre mysterious circumstances never to return-what a wiered character he was.

Regards Chris Poynter, living happily everafter 12000 miles away, despite the trauma Paul Baylis inflicted!

posted by Barry Scowen on at am Poynter, you're still alive and carry many of the memories that immediatly come to mind when reliving our school days.

I have only once met someone who also went to the school and that was Graham Pile or was it Pyle we ended up in the Army Apprentices a fw month apart in 1961and he took to it as to the manor borne while I left after a year of another kind of institutional hell. But, I can still see Mark Catterall and Chris Poynter in my mind's eye and others come to mind like the Goodchilds Stephen and Gath, Northover whose people were kind to me on a visit.

Many good memories of that trip, although the memory of my introduction to white wine at an oyster breakfast is decidedly hazy! Mr Dove, science, was ok until his temper took over! ) who one day showed me some pictures of cargo ships, he was going to pre-sea training school at Conway in Wales, then on to the merchant navy.

So many bad memories that are still so fresh, and the few good memories that are fading!

The only member of staff who gained my respect was Mr Ball, geography and sports.

One of the happiest days of my life was way back in about 1969m or 70 when lured by some hideous attraction to drive past the old school I was absolutely thilled to bits to see it had been turned into a block of flats. Readying Barry above Im a bit concerned that the school may have simply relocated - Ive spent 30 odd years in the fond belief that the dammed school was closed down hmmm But we all obviously carry the scars of that place and time so far and long away from - well I'd like to say home but the truth is that after I'd been there over half my young life I trully think I had no idea what family was.

It took until I was 40 to shake off the institutionalisation and work for myself.

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