Alexander skarsgard and charlize theron dating

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After about 45 minutes, they left with their arms around each other and drove off in the same car.”Charlize is “crazy for Alexander, and he’s nuts about her,” said a close source.

“They’ve both been through some bad breakups and want to keep the romance to themselves for the time being.

She has been famous for her lead role in Hollywood movies such as The Devil’s Advocate, Mighty Joe Young, Monster and many more. There have been rumors of Charlize dating Seth Mac Farlane, which they have consistently denied.

Charlize has been through a number of love affairs in her life.

I wonder if Ellen Page, the actress he was supposedly seeing, knows about Alicia.

Alex and Ellen hooked up last winter and she was actually receiving death threats via Twitter, thanks to her relationship with the actor.

Alexander Skarsgard’s girlfriend hasn’t changed and his fans will be unhappy to know that the usually smokin’ hot Viking has been quietly dating a very young, stunning model named Alicia Vikander.

There have been rumors linking the two for months now but nothing was confirmed until recently.

They are definitely the real deal,” says the insider.

Alexander Skarsgard was photographed yesterday leaving a restaurant and hugging a woman goodbye. Star Magazine and The National Enquirer reported a couple of months ago that Alex and Alicia were in love. What’s interesting though is that I’ve heard exclusively from three separate sources that Alex was sighted in Namibia recently. And I’m told that she and Alex were seen out for dinner one night, and walking around together another day.

She looks like Alicia Vikander, with whom I saw him at Comic-Con a couple of years ago. None of my sources were able to confirm in there was any PDA but they say that the two seemed really into each other and were talking closely.

Although Skarsgard has put the bite on Charlize, the two are meeting in unlikely places to give their relationship a chance to blossom away from the public eye, say sources.

Observors recently spotted the pair snuggling at the Gym Sportsbar, a gay nightspot in West Hollywood.“They ordered two beers and went to sit on the patio,” an eyewitness told The Enquirer.

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