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This love for creation/construction has enabled the early Armenians to value geometrical shapes and symbols giving them a prominent place in the Armenian Culture.Among many symbols Armenians used the six pointed star for architectural purposes.

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The fortress cities and temples that have been excavated in Armenia (some going back as far as 7000 years) show a remarkable awareness of using geometry in constructing sacred buildings, using a complex system of squares, rectangles, circles, polygons with intersecting patterns. With such knowledge one can build structures, create devices and predict astral events.Even though its usage in science, art, architecture, decorations and even for religious purposes has been extensive throughout the history.Historically Armenians are skilled mathematicians, architects and craftsman.The first and the most important Armenian Cathedral of Etchmiadzin (303 AD, build by the founder of Christianity in Armenia) is in fact decorated with many types of ornamented hexagrams.Another example is seen on the tomb of an Armenian prince of the Hasan-Jalalyan dynasty of Khachen (1214 A.

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