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It's kind of like a third time proves it loop regarding the square to Uranus!

And it's only natural that, coincident to this volatile transit, simmering sparks of unresolved global tensions could suddenly ignite into larger conflagrations.

Additionally, from the middle of May, continuing through June, July, August and September, Mars is also locked in a cosmic feedback loop with highly unstable Uranus.

Both are in traditionally fixed signs, being Aquarius and Taurus, a signal of intransigence.

On July 31 2018 @ 07.51 hours, Mars will be at its closest approach to Earth since August 27 2003, the year of the US led invasion of Iraq.

Certain dates must be closely watched for their developments.

After heading retrograde on June 26, Mars will be caught up in a Lunar Eclipse on July 27.

Mars is universally recognised, in mythology and astrology, as the planet of war.

Each year the Sun moves through the 21st and 22nd degree of Gemini, either around or on the date of June 14.

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