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The form itself is one that everyone meets when registering on a new forum. I can't get the value of the checkbox to register in the database and so everytime the form is submitted, it returns a message to say, no - the checkbox has not been crossed! Hi, Based from your code, it looks like your control name is "register" while when you try to access it your calling it "frmregister"..make sure you name and call it the same way to get the correct value.Form("frm Newusername") & "', '" abf = abf & Request. HTMLEncode (vnewpassword) & ")" Hi Erriol - that is brilliant - the checkbox is now showing in the database each time there is an input!I am going to give below the whole code so that anyone else who is interested can try it out for themselves The database field for the checkbox is called "register" and the field type is yes/no and it is formated as true/false. I would be very pleased to have your email address - as I am in the process of designing a whole new forum.So I went to control panel, Programs and features, then to " turns windows features on or off", After the dialog displayed , I navigate to application development features and checked and IIS management console, then I selected to install them , after the installation finishes , I prompted to restart the computer and i did.after i logged in a gain , and after i added an existing website to in IIS, i requested the website from the browser,then the problems started , the browser displayed an empty page with no images , no scripts ...My email address is [email protected] and I have not seen anyone else on the internet using the code in the same way, (A lot of ASP Classic is divided into different versions - but mine never matches them!Hi, I have a problem with checkbox value on the page connected to MS Access.

I'm new to access, still learning, just learned about forms this past week and am practicing building one that lets a user update or add new orders to existing customer orders, but it isnt working rite. Using the Ole Db Command, if I do not consider the Yes/No field, the Execute Non Query command, using my UPDATE SQL statement, updates the record correctly.I have tried setting the value to update to on"/"off", "yes"/"no", -1/0, and none of these seem to work.Ms Access field is: Independent - Data Type: Yes/No My code is: and now update_code: if (Request. Fields("Independent") = "on" 'line no 51 end if rs Update Entry.Update I want to update Independent checkbox value in database but I'm getting the error: Provider error '80020005' Type mismatch.

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