Aspxgridview rowupdating combobox

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I want the corresponding item, that is item with text=” NUMERIC” be selected in the combobox. But unfortunately these are not solving my problem.

Unfortunately, I don't understand how to reproduce the problem you're referring to. Also, I asked for the reason as to why I was getting error while running your sample project. Thanks, Matiur Rahman Hi Matiur, Generally, ASPx Grid View is unable to save its data between callbacks, when the grid isn't associated with any data source. To learn how to initialize the Edit Form Template editor values within the Html Row Created event handler, refer to a sample project linked to this message (How to update an ASPx Grid View Data Source if the initial values are set programmatically in the Html Row Created event).In addition, please check the ASPx Grid View's Edit Form Template demo (ASPx Grid View - Edit Form Template). Thanks, Alex ' for aspx Combo Box, but it is showing the code at the initialization instead of text. Please see the attached word document describing what I am trying to do. Drop Down List is showing what I want to accomplish.The ASPx Grid View control can display data from a database, an array or collection, as well as the public properties of collection elements.The way you communicate with a data source determines how efficiently your application runs and how well it scales.

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