Avoid dating scams

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As such, you should always keep the following in mind: 1. Requests for money should always set off a red flag. At the end of the day, you’re going to have to go with your gut.This might come in the form of a bot calling you a cutie while asking for your credit card information to help support “their” online hobbies or an overseas veteran who “suddenly” find themselves in a bind and just need to borrow a little bit of cash. Did the person of your dreams give you a super like, virtual flowers and a gushing message praising you just for being you? Scammers frequently use attractive and photogenic images to lure their marks, so if someone with a picture-perfect profile approaches you, it wouldn’t hurt to be a bit skeptical and follow the tips we detailed above to confirm their identity.

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Catfish is an Internet slang term referring to accounts filled with fictitious information designed to seduce individuals under false pretenses.There’s overlap among them, but generally they both have unique motives and should be identified and dealt with in slightly different ways.Bots refer to programs designed to act like human Internet users.You can also try steering the topic toward meeting in real life, as bots tend to avoid this subject. Being clever and playful with language – like using sarcasm, uncommon jokes, riddles and onomatopoeia – are all likely things outside of most chatbots’ programed parameters.Other tests include asking absurd questions with common sense answers, like “How edible is a wooden chair?

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