Benji madden dating pete wentz sister

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one yes pete is fuckin sexy and idk what, but he is an adult and a celebrity so of course those pics were gonna get out. he doesn’t need someone like her who is competing with her sister, dumping every hott guy she sees….pisses me off. cuz i am a devoted fob and pete wentz fan so i support him!!!

and idk if you have seen them but hey it wasn’t a bad thing for all his female fans!!!

She causes trouble, and I’m already waiting for her to just give it all up. The last thing I have to say is that if she does hurt Pete, all her fans that love him to, will hate her! i know i dont know either of them but evry1 knows that eventually ashlee is goin 2 hurt him and nobody wants 2 see pete wentz get hurt especially by some sellout whore who is competing with her own SISTER on whos hottest whats up with thatt? plus, you might have sumthing to say against what she’s saying cuz she’s rediculous and immature. i seriously feel sorry for him because no one should have to go with the tormant of knowing that some girl that he liked totally turning on him and making him a complete sex icon… so i deffinatly think that he should stay away from Ashley cause she could hurt him on top of what has already happened. and for any one who has something bad to say about this post just shut up cuz you all know this is true. A.-nightclub bathroom; before doesn’t rule the box office; before she’s busted for D. when he diagnosed America’s fascination with the antics of a group of B. F.’s, and sometimes frenemies, “Britney and KFed, and Lindsay and Paris and Nicole,” as nothing less than a “serial obsession.” Paris was the most Googled person on the planet in 2006, while Gore himself didn’t break the Top 10. They’re the sort of boys who look like they might be on a reality show or a CWTV sitcom, or in some band.

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