Black females dating white men websites

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It’s sort of like asking, In both cases, phrasing the question and the so-called “preference” that way deliberately misses the point.Back to “fetishes.” Does it still count as a so-called “fetish” when the nonblack man is willing and eager to make a particular Black woman his wife , and then the mother of his children?Meanwhile, we live among a collective of African-American men who are open about their hatred of those same West African complexions, features and hair textures in women![See statements by creatures such as Yung Berg, Ne Yo, and so on.

When more dominant, powerful, Alpha-male White men marry Black women, then Black men will stop slandering Black women.

For a very long time leading up to right now, White men have been the most powerful, dominant, Alpha men on this planet.

It’s reasonable to expect them to remain the planet’s most powerful, Alpha men for the foreseeable future.

This type of “fetish” seems so much more respectful of the woman involved than a male who never offers marriage, and is willing to see his children by that woman born out of wedlock.

Instead of screening, dating, and possibly marrying nonblack men who have a so-called “fetish” about their undiluted West African features that operates FOR them, many African-American women restrict themselves to dating Black men who have openly-declared fetishes that operate AGAINST them. At the end of the day, what Black men think, say, or do does not matter.

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