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"And so, we organized cartographic teams, each equipped with a thaumometric apparatus, to commence the mapping project, with special concentration on regions of particular interest.“In a particular corner of the Holy Land, Napoleon Bonaparte showed us the way.As you know, Napoleon’s campaign into Egypt in 1798 was accompanied by the Commission des Sciences et des Arts, which completed a comprehensive survey of that country.

Personnel D-13927 presents a progression of physical bodily changes consistent with normal human aging, but Personnel D-13926 does not appear to measurably age during the test duration.After conclusion of test, Personnel D-13926 was transferred to a different Foundation facility whereupon that subject presented an accelerated progression of changes consistent with aging.A dormitory facility has been constructed within Building T-01, containing living spaces for all members of the Foundation’s O5 Council and certain other members of senior management.As a consequence of SCP-001’s properties, the natural progression of degeneration or termination of Personnel D-5337, a human female suffering from stage 4 cancer (metastasized to most organs) and with a prognosis of imminent death, is placed in a standard containment cell within SCP-001 and observed for 786 days.D-5361’s body combusts in manner consistent with normal, control operations. Subsequent variations of this test suggest that the life-preserving attributes of SCP-001 do not extend to all cases of trauma.

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