Boyfriend is addicted to online dating sites

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Methodically making his way down the line, he then placed them back in his closet from brown to black.As I grew older, whenever I was home, if I set a pair of boots or shoes by the door at my parents' house, I could guarantee that the next time I saw them they'd be polished to a high shine, courtesy of my dad.Luckily we're the only two in our family that reach near-clinical levels of organization, otherwise it'd be a little too Stepford for comfort. Upon first inspection, one would think my apartment is just regulation orderly.Books all lined up neatly on shelves, picture frames just so, bed made, counter tops clean. Once we deviate from that, it's a slippery slope into -style organization in my apartment and flee for the hills, fearing I'd impose my clothing tyranny on him, too. When he eventually moved in, I even took that as an opportunity to purge and reposition everything I owned, and what should've taken a weekend wound up taking five weeks.

With seemingly endless options, the list below can help you find a dating site that fits your lifestyle. I should not be allowed in office supply stores, home improvement stores, or anyplace that sells closet-anything. A burst of dopamine when you snap the lid on one of those plastic nesting bins. The first time I walked into a Container Store, I practically cried. Contemplating their closets, considering their kitchen cabinets far more than any normal person should. But a closer look reveals the extreme levels of meticulousness that leave those in my inner circle suspecting that I do, in fact, have a mild disorder. (That's the other thing — once I start, I can't stop.)Making some room in a cabinet becomes contemplating the entire contents of said cabinet, lining them up just so, and then moving on to the next area.Not the obsessive-hand-washing, lock-and-unlock-the-door ritualistic, TLC series kind of fixation, but certainly the kind where if I line up all of my shirts folded in a drawer and they don't fit to my liking, I can't close the drawer and step away from it. I've stacked vertically, horizontally, rolled things up, folded things within themselves — hell, my closet looks like it was designed by Egyptian pyramid builders.

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