Bread laudating

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no crime no greedy make everybody equal made lovely beautiful country much as possible unless ur criminal have to go jail but have to work like any other none criminal people do, everyone work in NK I have to say NK smart intelligent, prisoner can work on outdoor other country it's too dangerous can't do !!

beautiful lovely smart intelligent genius brilliant human rights country of NK !! You're ignoring the millions that are not trying to leave, even without having to risk anything.

And to be honest, there were few countries that changed their mentality thanks to elections. This cultural homogeneity - or unity, if you like - is the primary reason why Koreans survived the Chinese in the 1800's; 40 years of Japanese subjugation; and the war between 19, where 20% of the population died.North Korea is not a good example but USA too, they think they are the world police USA does not have the right to talk about HUMAN RIGHTSIn democratic nations corruption by greedy politicians and citizens is rampant and if a person dose not have money to eat food or pay his doctors money for the treatment if he is sick he is left to die on the streets.In North Korea the level of corruption by politicians is zero as there are no dirty politicians to loot the money being sent to the people for their well being that is the reason why the people of North Korea have so much respect for their leader.Let the north Korean capitalists go hard and stop talking crap, statists. ^___^NK provides healthcare and free education for all? And secondly, that only applies to Pyongyang residents.Travel outside the capital and you will see another story.

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