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On Friday night, he eats Shabbat dinner with his family.On Saturday, he works as a barber, a common profession for Jews from Uzbekistan.Peter Pinkhasov, 28, founded Bukharian Jews.com, a Web site with 950 registered members who chat, view photos, listen to music and read about Bukharian Jewish history, traditions and culture. Imonuel Rybakov, 23, a Queens College finance major, founded Achdut in 2002, a cultural organization that targets 16-to-35-year-old Bukharian Jews, running festivals, lectures, a band, political volunteering and online classes in the Bukharian Jewish language, a dialect of Farsi.

Although Penkhasov keeps many traditions, his job prevents him from following his sisters’ lead.One major factor in religious revitalization is education.For the first time, Bukharian Jews have access to yeshivas.Isabella Roberts, youth committee coordinator for the Bukharian Jewish Congress, said 10 percent of the community is becoming Orthodox; others estimate closer to 30 percent.But for the majority in the tight-knit community, being a Bukharian Jew increasingly means emphasizing cultural traditions, creating organizations to perpetuate knowledge of Bukharian Jewish history, food, music and family values.

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