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The clients walk through the corridors of the house (hence the name: Laufhaus/Walk House) to see and negotiate with the prostitutes.Some Laufhäuser have entrance fee, but often the entrance is free.Most of the time many of the guys from the bachelor party groups end up having sex with a prostitute and sometimes a prostitute is even included in the stag party packages which many companies sell to the tourists. Anyway, dangers do exist on Prague’s streets at night, with more tourists victimized than ever before.

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As long as there isn't other crimes involved, like drugs or violence, and as long as you aren't shameless about it, like disturbing your neighbors.

Most prostitutes charge around 5000-8000 CZK for a whole night.

Prague is slowly becoming more and more known all over the world as a "New Amsterdam".

On this websait are not allowed materials that show abuse, children pornography and other similar materials forbidden by the laws of the republic of Bulgaria.

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