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Remember that, if you’re looking for a one-and-only.If you come from a family where introversion was not appreciated (or even if you didn’t), you might set out on your quest for the right relationship with a one-down mindset, imagining you will be easily overlooked or will have to behave like someone you’re not in order to get attention. People are drawn to others who are comfortable in their own skin, which for you means knowing yourself and liking who you are.In social situations, I felt dumpy, clumsy, and dull next to her.About 400 years later, when through the modern miracle of the Internet I reconnected with people from high school, I was dumbfounded to learn that I hadn’t been nearly as invisible as I’d thought.Let’s keep our discussions reflective, productive, and welcoming.Please follow our Community Guidelines and understand that we moderate comments and reserve the right to delete comments that don’t adhere to our guidelines. Trying to behave like an extrovert while desperately wanting something else to happen was not fair to my friendly extroverts.My husband still brings up the very sexy top I wore to the party where he finally asked me out.“I never saw it again,” he says, with a hint of wry bitterness.

This is the type of person who’s the life of the party, as long as that party ends at a reasonable hour.For what is probably not the first time, your mother was right. Extroverts are fireworks—introverts are a fire in the hearth.The reality is that you are not competing with extroverts for attention. Extroverts attract people who like razzle-dazzle—introverts attract people who want to bask in their warmth.We’re not uninterested, just burnt out—and probably terrified you’re going to ask us to go out again.We need a nice, steady pace of activity, with plenty of time in between to burrito ourselves in our comforter. We know how inconvenient our mood swings are and we don’t expect you to be in sync with our energy levels 100% of the time.

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