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Well, that is what I did many times to find a bed mate for a night.

I would show off some of my body out in public, just so I could get a guy in bed.

I am only a small 34, but my nipples are quite nice.

They stick out like little erasers, especially when I get excited. My butt is well rounded and I think it is my best asset. You know the old saying of if you got it, flaunt it.

" Dan kind of blushed, but said, "Yes, it is something like that, but I want to be able to expose you in different kinds of ways. If I could parade around in public showing off my naked body and then having sex with others.

I want to be able to tie you up, rip your clothes off, cut them off, or have you remove them on my orders. I admit, I do enjoy showing off, but being tied up or bound so I had no control, I wasn't too sure about that.

The travel is paid for by my company, as is the wardrobe, the hotel rooms and meals. "Spain, Belgium and a few other countries allow nudity.

You would get all of this plus a salary for modeling." "That all sounds so good, but I am still not sure. And I always check with the authorities to keep us all out of trouble.

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I didn't think I could have been faithful if I had stayed with just one. The only thing I wish I could change was the size of my boobs.I pulled into the drive of the address and it was a beautiful place. I parked my car and walked up the walk to the front door. So far you have made it sound very interesting, but you haven't said what the job is." She looked at me and said, "I will understand if you say no to me once I tell you.I hope you at least try it out to see if you would enjoy it, but as I have said, I won't hold it against you if you tell me no." I said, "I would like to at least know what it is, so please tell me and quit beating around the bush, please." Dana laughed and said, "Yes Judy I was beating around the bush. I had been with the company for 15 years and now they are downsizing and I was released. I hadn't had to look for a job in so long, I just didn't know where to start.I knew I should have a resume showing my experiences.

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