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AU where Veronica and Cheryl are rivals and have been since they were little.Betty is dating Archie and everything's good and fun until she decides that she wants to try out for the River Vixens.That's when Veronica and Cheryl make a bet on who can 'woo' Betty first. ” Betty exclaims, staring over at Cheryl who was walking around the Blue and Gold.She’s been doing that ever since she got here, instead of sitting down on the chair Betty had offered her.“It’s not a hard concept to understand, Betty, really.” Cheryl sighs, like Betty was making this harder on purpose.Cheryl is left alone at her house when her parents are on a business trip.

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“In what world is ‘be my fake girlfriend’ an easy concept to understand?

) to see Riverdale High's resident mean girl open up to Toni Topaz, a South Side Serpent, about how she was in love with her middle-school best friend, Heather.

She wasn't pleased, to put it lightly: Cheryl said Penelope caught her and Heather sleeping in the same bed one night and called them "deviant" because of it.

She doesn't know when it happened, but she wanted Betty Cooper.

She had the good looks, the intelligence, the money, now she just needed the girl.

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