Cisco vtp not updating

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As you can see the VTP mode for this feature is currently transparent.

Just like the VLAN feature, we require a primary server that will create the MST configuration.

If the videos fail to start, ensure that your browser supports H.264 video and appropriate plugins are enabled.

VIRL does not provide the LXDE graphical desktop anymore.

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The text based console () login now displays the management IP address in use by the system.

FLAT connectors and FLAT connectivity from the VIRL host will still be OK (e.g.

reaching the VIRL host on the FLAT IP of the VIRL host on FLAT, by default or the SNAT address of the host, by default VIRL now includes an automation script designed for environments where no DHCP server is available or a static IP address needs to be configured during initial deployment.

To get started with web-based system configuration, log into UWM using the IP address displayed in console.

UWM is the only officially supported method for configuring and customizing your VIRL PE server.

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