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Companies want you to put money aside each month in order to save up and settle one account at a time, or as you save up enough to knock off a debt.The soft sell, where settling is made to be an affordable monthly payment plan (but you are not actually making payments) means you can make settlement more presentable, and sound more affordable, to way more people.Most people cannot settle all of their debt prior to this. But I think you should know why it is important to try. I know that a company is there to both help people, and make enough to pay its bills and employees.Telling people that they don’t need to hire you is a good way to go out of business.Here is a brief video where I touch on the 5 items listed above: Debt settlement company fees for settling your debt, and the expectations the front-line sales people are trained to set you up with, prevent the sharing of key details you deserve to know.I can only come up with 3 reasons why folks will act outside of their own interests in this regard. The do-it-yourself-ers will take the information from this site and run with it.You could miss out on an opportunity to keep your account from being sold to a debt buyer who may not settle for as good a rate, or who has a higher likelihood of suing to collect. But it can also have to do with how debt settlement is marketed to the masses.

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Save someone who has ,000 of debt more than ,000, and get paid the same amount if you only save them ,000. The higher the fee, the longer it takes you to settle the next debt, followed by the next account, and the one after that.If a debt settlement company is not telling you that your bank refuses to work with them, it often means they have to wait for that particular account to charge off and go to an outside third party debt collection agency.This could mean losing out on an opportunity to settle direct with your bank for less than may have been the case otherwise.Without further adieu, here are the 5 things that you typically hear from a settlement company, but should.This is a problem with a couple of the larger credit card issuers right now.

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