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There was this wonderful feeling as he drove his huge member deep into my rectum.I felt this strong man was taking command of me from deep inside.He was going harder and harder and you hear the sound as he pumped my bum hole and his balls slapped against my buttocks.

I felt myself going crazy inside, it was madly exciting, Danny had such restraint as well as power. I collapsed over the toilet as he let fly with his fuck pole somewhere so deep in my bottom it felt he was fucking my whole body. It felt like I was getting waves of hot spunky cum spurting up my bum and delivered with the force of a power hose."You've obviously already made your introductions" There was an explosion of laughter and Barry looked even more embarrassed and flustered. His stiff pink cock was sticking up almost vertical and he was shaking with excitement.As we made our way down the garden path to the waiting bus full of the remaining players you could hear chants of `Why are we waiting' and there were a number of wolf whistles. He's very kindly agreed to share a room with one of us as there are four double rooms and he was the only guest." Colin was team captain and spoke with authority. His penis was about the same length Barry's but not quite so thick. A big black guy called Danny had come to sit opposite one row behind. So tell me about yourself, you don't exactly look like the rugby playing type..." "Hey Carl! Most of them had taken their jackets off but they were all in smart white shirts and ties. "What causes the wobbling is lack of superstructure. All it needs is something big and firm and it wouldn't be able to wobble any more"! " from everyone within earshot of the conversation. Sorry about these guys it's the rugby lifestyle sort of thing you know. Barry must have unlocked suppressed feelings in me but all this attention and touching was making me tingle with excitement. Believe me I'm a structural engineer" boasted Danny. "Carl's bum is nice and big but it's fairly soft you see" he said as he and the others put their hands on my ass and squeezed.

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