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The couple also became engaged while he was incarcerated.On March 17, 1999, Teaneck police issued an arrest warrant after Jones failed to turn up to court dates stemming from her 1996 arrest.Jones decided not to keep the baby, telling The Source "I already knew the kind of relationship that Biggie and I had, and I knew that [having a child] was something that couldn't take place..." Wallace called Jones three days before his death and told her he loved her.With Jones and critics noticing resemblances with her on the Sucka Free mixtape, Jones accused Minaj of copying her image saying, "If you are going to steal my swag, you gonna have to pay.However, a rumor that spread throughout the Web last week linked the 21-year-old with female rap veteran Da Brat with both women shooting down the gossip separately. I jus got word dat I'm spose to be an item w Kreayshawn???? Over the weekend, the Bay Area product returned home and faced questions regarding the rumor. I’d kiss her everywhere.” Kreayshawn has also been linked to have been involved with Canadian superstar Drake and after a flirty phone call from Drizzy while the “Gucci Gucci” rapper was on air with DJ Green Lantern last month.

got her music career started in 1995 with his group Junior M.Her parents are Linwood Jones and Ruby Jones (now Ruby Jones-Mitchell).(real name Christopher Wallace), who was a key figure in both her personal and artistic life, particularly when Wallace had gained popularity and influence through his relationship with Bad Boy Records (which belonged to P-Diddy).was instrumental in introducing and promoting the Brooklyn-based group, Junior M.Jones and Powell continued their relationship with Jones visiting frequently and also kept in touch by writing letters to each other.

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