Danielle and shane big brother dating

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And we came up with the conclusion that Shelby probably wanted me to be with me and that's why she was jealous of Danielle and didn't like her because Shelby is that type of girl. If it was the final three chairs and Danielle wasn't up there, of course I would root for them. community there is a popular fan site called Joker's Updates where fans rate each houseguest all season. Obviously you're aware that you are watched by America 24/7. Which three houseguests this week will you vote to be have-nots?

What's going through your head since being evicted? I don't want to sound like an asshole or anything, but I thought, "I probably have another week here. Besides Danielle who has your vote to win the game? She's mentally strong, she's very strategic and she's a great person.

Now that I'm in a nice hotel, I'm a lot clearer. I saw Sean [a producer on the show] right when I walked out the door and I was crying on Sean. The house is going to vote out Danielle." I thought maybe America is seeing something that I'm not seeing. Who has your vote for America's Nominee this week? Me and Danielle had a conversation with Kryssie that you want to take out two targets in the game before anything, and that's Alex because she's big in this game, and Justin because he acts like he doesn't know the game, but he does and he's playing a character.

I’m torqued to find out (and I’m rooting for Dan, . The exotic headwear at the first coaches’ challenge Remember when the coaches were actually coaches? The one good thing that came from this season’s original format was the awesome costuming during the first coach challenge, when Boogie won by chasing Britney on a “horse” around a stupid track.

Though he eventually cooled, he was a flitty twink in pink boxer shorts for a little while there. But anyway: Check out these sophisticated derbygoers in the stands! Wil’s mesh shirts Do I know where you can buy a mesh shirt?

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