Dating a flirtatious man

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And sometimes, she may use this to talk to you to test out the waters and see if there’s a chance, or if your curiosity has been piqued. I don’t know what it is that makes guys think girls like this one.She does so by walking over to you saying, “Beep beep beep. Maybe it’s because they mention the word doctor, and therefore assume it’ll get a girl to perk up and pay attention. But this one *gesturing to your seat* will be empty if you decide to sit there.” It’s blunt, it’s quick, and it will definitely get your message across.And the perfect balance between a scathing rejection and a response to their flirtation would come in the form of a witty comeback.[Read: How to reject a guy without being too rude] The best comebacks for lame pickup lines Here are a few situations where you might be able to use a comeback to fend off some unwanted flirtation. For some reason, guys like to use this pickup line because they think it makes us ladies feel special. They will start by walking up to you, trying to be nonchalant, right as they are about to walk past you, they’ll stop abruptly saying, “I know you, you’re the girl of my dreams!” Your reply: “That’s funny, because this feels like my nightmare.” If you want to let him know that his introduction is weak, and he needs to do better, then use this witty comeback to do so. He’ll be intrigued, and realize he’s not dealing with a basic chick like the ones that have possibly fallen for this lame line in the past. It’s easy to approach someone and start up a conversation by asking a question.By asking someone a question, it usually warrants a reply, which means instant communication, which is why guys like this pickup line: “Where have you been all my life?I think we all have, and you know how creepy that can be.Telling him to simply buzz off might be effective, but there are some of us who want to inject a bit of humor to a rejection in order to diffuse the situation.

I can assure you though, he will probably go home at the end of the night, and drunkenly do a Google search on you to see if any mug shots or police reports pop up. Lots of guys tend to let creativity fly right out the window when they’ve been drinking. ” And then he’ll proceed to occupy said seat without waiting for your response. [Read: 40 pickup lines guys commonly use while trying to hit on women] No one said dating was easy.

How many times have you been approached by a guy asking you what your sign is, or when your birthday is?

This is the guy that approaches you and immediately asks, “What’s your sign?

Using this comeback means one thing, and that is you want to get out of there as fast as possible.

[Read: 16 signs your ex still wants you back in their life] #4 The astrology pickup line.

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