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Can cover anything from a Lame Excuse to Malicious Slander.For a slandered party, it often precludes I Can Explain, and can lead to Poor Communication Kills. If you're a member of a minority, Everything Is Racist is a convenient way to invoke this trope.

Aya Sweidan testified that she had repeatedly heard her father say he would kill her mother before they got divorced or she started dating someone else.They came to the United States, via Jordan, as refugees through World Relief.“Dania Alhafeth left Syria to get away from the bloodshed and violence,” but she couldn’t escape it at home because the person she was married to wanted to kill her, Sullivan told jurors.When the self-inflicted injury is terminal, it can become a case of Suicide, Not Murder. The Evil Overlord can injure his own people and try to blame another country, providing a quick and easy justification for war.This is mentioned as #34 (not that kind) in The Thirty-Six Stratagems, making this one of The Oldest Tricks in the Book.

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