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This can be particularly devastating and isolating to a couple – to be rejected by both the mainstream and their own communities.Although this reluctance on the part of friends to accept your partner often changes over time, it’s still very hard for couples to be doubly stigmatized.At one time or another most of us have heard or spoken the juicy words, “guess who so-and-so is seeing?

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Where only one woman isn’t out, her repeated denial of the existence of the relationship may leave her partner feeling hurt, insecure, and unloved.Couple in these situations often feel like they have to present their relationship and partner as perfect because everyone is expecting them to fail. Finding people who support your relationship is so very important, even if it means going to couple’s therapy for awhile.HAVING TIME APART It’s not uncommon in the beginning of a relationship for lesbian couples to spend all of their free time together – basking in each other’s love and mutual discovery.But, in time, this total focus on each other decreases usually with one of the women expressing a need to have space.She may need time alone, or want to spend time with her friends.

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