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Eventually I didn't enjoy training or competing because it was always about the numbers.

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It's a sports moment that cause us to shout out repetitive phrases in jubilant abundance. Blue ribbon in Boy Scouts, gold medal in the Olympics. Can you imagine being in a room with Michael Phelps trying to talk about that time you scored three touchdowns in high school to help your team overcome a halftime deficit? This one time in the Olympics..." Well played, Phelps. As men, we find a great deal of our identity in achievement.

The problem lies, for many men, in that the very thing that catapults them into those moments of exhilaration, is the very thing that sends them into the pits of despair.

The loss of self due to identification in what we do, and what we achieve.

People suffering from loneliness or isolation are twice as likely to suffer from a premature death than those who aren't. I want to know how to get jacked, swole, and put some numbers on my bench." Cool story, bro. But since you asked, here are some of the very real issues we as men suffer from physiologically when we're fighting loneliness.

Sleeplessness - Less sleep means a higher degree of muscle loss and less fat oxidation Crappy immune systems - Impaired systemic recovery Increase in cortisol - Worse body composition In order to take care of what the outside looks like, it's vitally important to address what's going on inside first.

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