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The church statement said officials had outside attorneys interview Bishop and the woman.

The Mormon church is investigating a former missionary training center president who is accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the 1980s, following the release this week of a secret audio recording where he is heard apologizing to her and citing a sex addiction.He said his father was apologizing in the recorded conversation for anything he did to make her feel like she could do that."It's always troubled him that a woman would feel that it would be appropriate or well received or acceptable for her to bear her breasts to him," Greg Bishop said Wednesday."Joseph told us that he did go to this small MTC preparation room in the cafeteria area with (the woman)," it says."Then while talking to her he asked her to show him her breasts which she did." When police asked him to explain why his account about the rape was different than the alleged victim's, Bishop said "he either can't remember it or that (the woman) was exaggerating her account." BYU police noted in a report sent to prosecutors that his "account was fairly similar to (hers) except for the rape." The Utah County Attorney's Office declined to prosecute because the statute of limitations has passed.

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