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Most probably in a rock band or a heavy metal band.

They may look scary but they’re awesome dudes to hang out with.

He is your ‘man about town’ type with guest-list entry to every club going.

He’s a good time guy and a good boyfriend if you can handle the fact that he’ll be out 4 nights a week until 3am or 4am. The Soho Soul They chill out in Soho and the Tottenham Court Road area.

London is crammed with a variety of men, so how do you know where to look for your ideal mate? Might be a bit too laid back to initially get on a first date and their apparent lack of concern may annoy you. Tanned, trimmed and manicured, these dudes are good looking but they know it. Too busy telling you about their work and buying champagne to really listen to what you’re saying.

They will wear whatever they throw together and it shouldn’t look good, but they pull it off. The East Essex Boy Traveled in from the likes of Loughton, these boys will be found in Shoreditch – Great Eastern Street, Brick Lane, Commercial Street and sometimes near Liverpool Street station. The City Boy Banker You’ll find these boys in the generic office areas including Bank, Cannon Street, Monument, London Bridge and Canary Wharf. Always in a rush and always on the phone, but, they do make a good sharp suit look good.

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They wear whatever they threw on in the morning, and they don’t care. He’s not judgmental and just wants to drink, dance and to grace karaoke. These guys will be drenched in black, absolutely no colour allowed with lots of skull accessories, bandanna, wild hair and smudged guy-liner.

He’s a live for the moment man, but this may not progress into stability. They have the whole dark, mysterious and sexy feel to them.

You can also find them in Chelsea and Knightsbridge.

Wearing either a blazer or a leather jacket, a white crisp shirt with either skinny jeans or chinos.

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