Dating foreplay

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Just stroke your lover’s hands or play with their fingers, and when you feel the tingle of love, kiss your partner or cozy up under a blanket.Before you know it, both of you would be having spontaneous sex without even realizing it.

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And all you’d need to do is slip your hands into your partner’s shorts to see that they’re all ready and raring to go.

This neglected step in your sexual escapades can be the key to an even more explosive main course, though — whatever that may be. )To celebrate the build-up to whichever activity is the star attraction of your sexual encounters, we're sharing people's accounts of their favorite forms of foreplay.

From oiled-up massages to dirty talk to PDA, these techniques set a sexy tone.

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] Try these 9 foreplay tips, and you’ll see that these tips are not just easy, they’ll explode your mind with sexual ideas and naughty thoughts every time you’re in bed with your sexy other. Sex is predictable when it’s initiated within the walls of the bedroom.

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