Dating geeky girls

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But what’s the difference between modern and traditional geek girls? They now occupy a huge place on the spectrum of conventional attractiveness.Unlike traditional geek girls who were rumored to do nothing but study, work, and eat junk food all day, modern day geek girls roll on the contrary.No matter what your personal interests or subgroup might be, the best way to find common ground with a geek girl is to ask questions.Find out what she spends her time on and which passions she holds.If you still believe that geek girls walk around town with big spectacles, shaggy hair, and dresses that sweep the pavements, then your impression of them is woefully misguided.The stereotype of the dateless virgin bookworm is dated. Many nerdy girls now possess the kind of looks one normally associates with Miss World contestants and A-list Hollywood actresses.You don’t need to be a super-genius, but show her you have depth and intellectual curiosity.

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Dating a geek girl means entering into and attempting to understand her world.

Although there are always exceptions, geek girls are generally more drawn to brains than brawn.

The only differentiator between her and the rest is that she prioritizes intellectual matters over social matters; she doesn’t have that much time for guys and merriment.

In the past years, there used to be a social stigma for both men and women attached to geekdom. There might be a cavalcade of factors behind this evolution, but the rise of the internet and tech likely played a substantial role in the nerd’s ascent.

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