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50W marshall plexi in excellent condition with a missing the back plate when i bought it, but other than thatgood to go. here is a marshal super pa version 5c according to the doyle book. Any questions please ask and thank you for looking This quality cover was made for a Plexi but may double padded cover with strap by studio slip, internationally known as the best of the best.Therefore you can rely your trust with usif you have any further queries please do contact Marshall 1987x 50w plexi tube head w/ fx loop. this is one of the later production with the improved cabinet. *If your seeing this listing , i didn't use it much at home and never gigged with it.CSQ (Quarters) ships acted as floating dormitories. The Army Signal Corps used a number of cable ships for that work including Burnside, Romulus, Liscum, Dellwood and two vessels intimately associated with the Coast Artillery Corps controlled mine work at the coastal fortifications; Cyrus W. That cable laying capability had been allowed to deteriorate to the point that the Army had to charter the C. For example, the vessel Orizaba (not the later Army owned vessel of the same name) was under Army charter from the Pacific Coast Steamship Company before being lost in 1900.That Spanish–American War prize was replaced by the larger Dellwood for work with Alaskan cables.There is some confusion on ship designators within even official records.

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marshall class 5 combo in perfect condition, with the following mods: .

The 20 dry cargo barges originally intended for bauxite were taken by the Army and 17 were used in the southwest Pacific for storehouses. Kahn, "Concrete Ship and Barge Program, 1941-1944" Ships for victory: a history of shipbuilding under the U. Maritime Commission in World War II Army F-ships (100-dwt) were little freighters built on the lines of a Dutch wooden shoe and had a capacity of about 100 tons with a maximum speed of 8 knots. SWPA CP Fleet, Army CS ships provided communications relays and acted as command posts (CP) for forward elements ashore.

Of the 24 steam cargo concrete vessels, 17 were converted by the Army into floating storehouses, 5 were used by the Army as training ships and 2 found an honorable end when sunk to form part of the breakwater protecting the American landing in Normandy at Omaha beach. During the war these little ships plied back and forth between Navy PT boat bases, Crash Rescue Boat bases, and Engineer Special Brigade bases in the pacific for the purpose of transporting personnel, hauling supplies and cargo, or occasionally for towing fuel barges and water craft, to bases along the coasts or to nearby islands. 210, 150 Foot Steel Diesel Retrieving Vessel", sometimes termed "Aircraft Retrieving Vessel" in later references. CSM (Maintenance) ships, in addition to acting as CS ships, were also equipped for radio repair operations to supply floating maintenance. As with other cable work, some vessels were chartered.

"As a mother myself, i pride myself in only selling qualit... here's another dangerous monster from the era of dinosaur rock.

Aerial photograph of piers at headquarters and at U. Naval Repair Base during loading operations showing nine Army transport ships docked at the commercial wharfs at San Diego, California.

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