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Reply Guess what arbys , we the people can boycott to, I will never step foot into one of your restaurants again.Your liberal, democratic loosers, think you can bully everyone with your money, now that I know where you stand, you lost a customer for life.I am not a lefty, righty nor even a Democrat or Republican.I am not even a Laura Ingram fan I just think we should be able to dis-agree without trying to cause harm to each other as Americans.I’ve worked as a manager in the food industry for 14 years and know this to be unprofessional.

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The first restaurant served roast beef sandwiches, chips, and soda.

The brothers originally wanted to call their restaurant “Big Tex” but discovered the name was taken, so they settled for their initial’s of R. In 1965, the first franchise opened in Akron, Ohio.

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