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Investor confidence was shaken in February, sentiment is mixed, and crosscurrents remain evident. Gann, Meta Stock, system tester, indicator builder, custom formulas, momentum, overbought, oversold, buy, sell, signals, top, bottom, Bull, Bear, consolidation, sentiment, contrary opinion Preview from my weekly report* The S&P 500 Index ($SPX) short-term trend has lost any momentum and direction over the past two weeks. History shows that the authorities will not protect you or give you any advance warning--but we will. If you agree that making money while staying safe is better than taking big risks in the stock market and exposing your nest egg to potentially ruinous losses, we would be very happy to implement our time-tested strategies for all of your assets. Previously, at several large Wall Street firms, Robert worked as a proprietary trader, technical analyst, and fundamental analyst. Robert is the author of , Second Edition, Mc Graw-Hill, 2003, which has become the standard reference for indicator and trading systems design.

Please click here to view this article "Gold's next move: History, logic, and intermarket relationships. Published in SFO, STOCKS, FUTURES AND OPTIONS MAGAZINE, Volume 5.

Preserve your capital by placing your assets under our careful management--before the next major bear market of -20% to -50% devastates most portfolios.

Make no mistake, the ongoing global economic and financial crisis has not been fixed by any sound or lasting solution.

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An unofficial Mac version can once again be found on megapov.

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