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The largest of these are the Kabyles, who live in the Kabylie region east of Algiers, the Chaoui of North-East Algeria, the Tuaregs in the southern desert and the Shenwa people of North Algeria.

European population who became known as Pied-Noirs.

Algerian Arabic (Algerian Dziriya or Darja) is the language used by the majority of the population.

Colloquial Algerian Arabic is heavily infused with loanwords from Berber and French.

Housing and medicine continue to be pressing problems in Algeria.

Failing infrastructure and the continued influx of people from rural to urban areas has overtaxed both systems.

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An Abassa Institute study in April 2000 found that 60% of households could speak and understand French.Recent studies on the common J1 Y chromosome suggest it arrived over ten thousand years ago in North Africa, and M81/E3b2 is a Y chromosome specific to North African ancestry, dating to the Neolithic. (2004) which analyzed populations from Algeria concludes that the North African pattern of Y-chromosomal variation (including both E3b2 and J haplogroups is largely of Neolithic origin, which suggests that the Neolithic transition in this part of the world was accompanied by demic diffusion of Afro-Asiatic–speaking pastoralists from the Middle East.This Neolithic origin was later confirmed by Myles et al.Although French has no official status, Algeria is the second-largest Francophone country in the world in terms of speakers, and French is widely used in government, media (newspapers, radio, local television), and both the education system (from primary school onwards) and academia due to Algeria's colonial history.It can be regarded as the de facto co-official language of Algeria.

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