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To avoid this stale repetition is one of the main purposes of my series of booklets on castles and their tenurial histories - to show what is left both historically and architecturally and then to attempt to combine the two to formulate a reasoned hypothesis of a castle's development using available evidence, rather than speculation. Jones [Cardiff, 1952], 163n), which he fortified with a ditch and a wall (mur) and made gates fastened with locks and bars, Brut y Tywysogyon or The Chronicle of the Princes. The nature of this castle is mis-understood in 'The structure of an early castle' Review of Projects, Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust [1982], 11 as once again its tenurial history has been ignored, see Remfry, P.

First, you would need to try and make yourself physically alluring to the opposite sex.It is widely accepted, with the exception of Ludlow, that in Wales and the Marches between the dispossession of Roger of Breteuil (1075) and the reign of Henry II (1154-89), no masonry castles were constructed. In reality the earliest evidence we have for round towers in Wales is the event that occurred almost certainly in the winter of 1165/6, retold by Giraldus, concerning the death of Mahel, lord of Brecon.This view is based on a handful of 'known' building dates which in themselves are not totally satisfactory, viz Beeston (SJ.537.593) 'circa' 1220-25 and Bolingbroke (TF.349.649 - 'early history unsatisfactory' - D. The motte on which the tower stands shows evidence (bedrock) of being natural and must have been a primary feature of the site and therefore the castle's principal tower was most likely built upon this from the castle's conception, probably in 1144.Obviously, beauty standards varied just as much as they do today, and what was hot and in during the 9.However, at most points during the medieval period, blonde haired women were viewed as the height of attraction – many medieval queens were pictured with blonde hair, even if we know from contemporary descriptions that they were not fair-haired.

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