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The motorcycle business was hard hit - plans to rescue and combine Norton, BSA and Triumph failed in the face of worker resistance and Norton's and BSA's factories were shut-down, while Triumph staggered on to fail four years later. Enjoying the rights to the BSA marque, it was bought-out by the management and renamed the BSA Company. A post-war boom in motor cycles meant that BSA Motor Cycles Ltd. In 1973, BSA was taken over by Manganese Bronze Holdings Ltd., which held Norton Villiers.In 1991 BSA Company merged with Andover Norton International Ltd., to form a new BSA Group, largely producing spare parts for existing motorcycles. During the Second World War, New Hudson Ltd., Sunbeam Ltd. was created in 1953 (separate from BSA Cycles Ltd.). were also created from existing BSA companies as designs and production were developed. Norton Villiers and BSA were merged to form NVT Ltd. Return to: THE GROWTH OF AN INDUSTRY BIRMINGHAM has for centuries been the centre of the country's small arms trade.By far the largest numbers of the finished guns, weapons of the cheapest variety, were bought by London and Liverpool merchants, who bartered them with African natives for ivory, spices and gold.

To link the new works with Golden Hillock Lane, the main thoroughfare in the neighbourhood, a road was constructed on the company's land. The first batch of 50,000 was completed in 10 months, the last being delivered for Government inspection a quarter of an hour before the contract time expired. To mark the occasion the directors presented the three foremen chiefly responsible for executing the contract with a special bonus of £100 each, an action at that time without parallel in the industry. Nor was research being neglected, for the company was continually experimenting on the improvement of rifles. But whatever treatment it had received in the past from Whitehall, it recognized the supply of new rifles to the British Army as the national emergency it indeed was and again stepped into the breach. Expenditure on preparations for the Russian order—some £30,000 without any return as yet—had left B. However, all difficulties were overcome and the weapons duly delivered to time.In December 1994 Colquhoun and Jackson's BSA Group was taken over by a newly formed BSA Regal Group. From 1918 it also acquired Burton Griffiths and Co., William Jessop and Sons (1920) and Birtley Co. In 1951, the Group purchased Triumph Engineering Co. There was certainly an established trade in the city by the early 16th century, for in 1538, for instance, John Leiand, a churchman, travelling through the Midlands, wrote:— "I came through a praty street or ever I entered Bermingham.The new company, based in Southampton, has a large spares business and has produced a number of limited-edition, retro-styled motorcycles. (small arms work at Small Heath), and BSA Tools Ltd. Ltd., and in the mid-1950s, Carbodies of Coventry and the Idoson Motor Cylinder Co. This street, as I remember, is called Dirty (Deritend).The King, William III, expressed concern that guns and swords were not made in his dominions and had, therefore, to be procured from Holland "at great expense and greater difficulty".Among those who heard the King's complaint was Sir Richard Newdegate, one of the Members of Parliament for Warwickshire, who pleaded the cause of his constituents.

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