Dating tama starclassic drums

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"Star" continues to be used in the names of Tama's drum models to this day.

Tama and Drum Workshop (DW) jointly bought the bankrupt Camco Drum Company.

Tama was one of the first companies to offer super heavy-duty hardware, and drum mounting systems that did not intrude into the shell like most brands in the 1970s.

They also invented unique tubular drums called Octobans.

The Starclassic series is one of Tama's high-end line of drums.

Originally hand-crafted in Japan until late 2009, most of the Starclassic lines are now made in TAMA's Chinese factory.

The original plan was to market the low-end Tama drums to beginners and use the Camco brand to sell high-end drums to professional musicians.

However, even the professionals were starting to use the Tama drums because of the low cost of the Asian-made drums with the (now) high quality of hardware.

At the time, Camco was producing what was thought to be the best drum pedal on the market.i bought a tama superstar kit and wanted to know the exact one i purchased..(bought it used) is there a way i can run the serial #'s to get that info.. ANSWERUnfortunately, Tama does not publish a serial number identification guide.I did find a site which features the Tama catalogs and includes specs for each Superstar set. A notable difference is that pre 2009 Japanese production Starclassics have their badges painted on the drum's shell, while Chinese-made Starclassics feature badges fitted onto the shell with screws.Pre 2010 Japanese production Starclassics have a mix of paint-on and screw-on badges depending on the model.

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