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Test coverage is a useful metric, but it can be difficult to figure out exactly where to start.

That's where Cover Me is useful - it sorts functions by how often they're called on Wikimedia production servers, and then displays their coverage status. You can filter by Git repository and entry point (index.php, load.php, etc.).

Cover Me fetches updated data on the hour if it's available.

Thanks Asaf for taking the initiative to pay a visit to some of the African Wikimedia communities, and leaving a trail of inspiration in your wake.That will be faster than the old jobs (suffixed with -jessie) that had to wait for a virtual machine to be made available.A second advantage, is one can exactly reproduce the build on a local computer and even hack code for a fix up.With design and user research advice from co-mentor Jonathan Morgan, product management and technical mentorship from myself, and the amount of talent and grit I’ve already seen from Urvashi and Pratyush, I’m delighted to find out what we can accomplish together.They’ll be blogging their experiences — here’s Urvashi’s first post, and here’s Pratyush’s — so check their blogs over the summer to see how these projects progress!

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