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I bring this up to say, let's remember the ones who are serving today and are away from home.They are experiencing the same feelings we did 40 odd years ago.

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We don't seek esteem from others For our just honor and no more We stand strong a Band of Brothers With those who fill the boots we wore.Wimer, Jack W., South Dakota, 7th Air Force, Command Center (Blue Chip) (Renewal) Comments: It is again the time of the year that we celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ.For those of us able to read this, he has been gracious.Comments: There is not enough thank you's and words to say to the people in uniform that are supporting our "Country's Freedom." God bless you all and everyone be here next year."Happy New Year!Jim Gropper FROM THE WEB MASTER: The Tan Son Nhut Association would like to take this time to share our latest Member information: 1.

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