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michael murray —————————————————————– To: “‘m c'” Subject: RE: inquires in regard to vineyards function on december 6 Date: Tue, -0500 Dear Michael, Wow, a lot of questions here. First of all my name is Autumn and I am working in the head office in Boston, MA. The event starts being confirmed once we hit 10 men and 10 women, and we then confirm people by pairs. ) to meet new people, and hopefully meet the perfect someone. To get the 20% off, you should register and enter the coupon name ‘8md Vineyards’ when asked for it during the registration. The great thing with 8minute is that we only confirm an even number of men and women so that you always have a date! I think the 8minute Dating events are really a good opportunity for you (and your friends! He wants to make you feel safe vermont speed dating and content.13 m The site offers free dating service and claim to add more than members every month.

your web site says i will get to meet single professionals. To be honest, I have no idea if the event is going to be a blast or not. 30-40 single professionals is just a general idea, basically. All I know is that you are going to have 8 one-on-one conversations with 8 different women, and that if none of those interest you, you can attend a second event for free! Date: Wed, -0500 Dear Michael, Don’t worry, I would never yell at you. and so i sit in slushy ottawa, a single man contemplating eight minute dating.

People attending these events are just normal people like you and me, who are just sick of the bar scene, or shy, or very busy! I hope you’ll have fun and meet someone special to you. —————————————————————– autumn spencer-boone: i would like to tell you that you have the name of a superstar. it would be a pleasure to eight minute date you, i think. maybe one of them has lost a limb and the other one has lost two limbs. I am based in Boston and I don’t know the people who sign up. And as for me, unfortunately traveling is not part of my job, and anyway I am not single, but thanks for asking! I hope you like the 20% off coupon I gave you for you and your friends! for some reason i’m imaging that it was at a new england patriots game. does that really mean we couldn’t have a good relationship?

first of all, what can you tell me about the two men who are signed up? autumn, that would be encouraging news for me and my friends. it’s not that i’m particular, but i’m hoping that they aren’t sisters or something. i’m guessing that you were the spunky cheerleader who showed her enthusiasm by jumping about and he was a misunderstood but very handsome punter who just needed a little understanding. i don’t know why i’ve gotten so hung up on the cheese. it’s a quality of mine that probably contributes to my single status. what i really want to know is whether my ex will be there or not.

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