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'Given the disdain for democracy that is regularly displayed by Europe's political class, the deepening political crisis in Italy is all too predictable', writes Norman Lamont.'Yet again, we are seeing the pro-Brussels establishment showing that it will not tolerate any challenge to its project of political integration.They have since visited each other, forming a close relationship and Meyerott has met her siblings (bottom right). The man, who is understood to have been on a day release from a nearby prison, had approached police officers Lucile Garcia and Soraya Belkacemi (left) at around 10.30am, and stabbed them several times, before disarming them, and then using their guns to kill them and 22-year-old Cyril Vangriecken (inset).Andrew Lincoln has been the driving force behind The Walking Dead for the past eight seasons. De Beers has announced plans to sell lab-grown stones in the US this autumn.After receiving the DNA test as a Christmas gift from her sister-in-law, she decided to submit a sample of saliva.She was worried that she wouldn't be able to find her biological father and, if she did, that he would not want a relationship with her. James, 14; and still very much part of the family in spirit is Alfie, who is stillborn.Israel has warned it is 'closer to war' than ever as missile warning sirens continued to blare and military jets pounded targets in Gaza in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

The first live show was blighted when a thunderstorm caused a technical glitch, forcing Britain's Got Talent to be off air for five minutes.

Amy Meyerott, 32, from St Louis, Missouri, met her father, Tim Berrigan (pictured together, right), from Kingsport, Tennessee, who never knew he had a daughter, in March after she did a mail-order DNA test.

Meyerott was adopted as a baby (top right with her adoptive dad) and knew her biological mother but not her father.

That domineering mentality lies at the heart of the drama in Italy, the Eurozone's third- largest economy, where a coalition with widespread public support has effectively been barred from office because of Eurosceptic views'.

Pictured: Italian Prime Minister Carlo Cottarelli (left) Luigi Di Maio, (centre), Matteo Salvini (right) and protests in Milan (inset).

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