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Though the water was a little chilly so shrinkage was a slight problem!

What also makes it different is we filmed the making of the calendar, so hopefully in a few weeks time we will look to edit down the mass of footage into something horny and make it available to download here on the EL website.

If you dont have a chance to see us at one of the pride events you can also find the calendar in London at these two bars in soho: The Edge Bar, Soho and The Yard Bar, Soho and in Edinburgh at CCBlooms 23-24 Greenside Ln, Old Town, Edinburgh EH1 3AA We've got a sexy new calendar for 2016 and four bonus months of 2015, the first month is September 2015.

We had a lot of fun making this calendar, it was a hard day, but with naked lads running around on the beach there was a lot of uncut cock flashing around.

Tonight, a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by an MP during a work trip abroad accused Parliament of failing to act during an interview with ITV News.

Zara (not her real name) told political correspondent Paul Brand that the MP forced himself on her in a hotel room despite her 'making it clear' it was not what she wanted.

The full list of Tory MPs on a ‘dirty dossier’ of claims about their supposed sex lives has been published in the US.

During August we will also make the calendar available in bars round the country, the first two who already have the calendar are The Edge Bar, Soho and The Yard Bar, Soho Check out our hottest yet calendar and enjoy some of your favourite models running around naked on the beach and wait til you see the film!

Models in the 2016 Calendar include Damian Willaby, Aaron Janes, Jack Windsor, Cameron Donald, and Tyler Hirst Download PDF of 2016 Calendar Open PDF of 2016 Calendar Have one Delivered to Your Home buy it here.

Although the day we photographed the EL calendar it was really hot, the water wasn't quite as hot and these photographs represent the first we took on the day, we just arrived and I asked the lads to get wet so it looked better on their bodies. Aaron was the brave one who took to the waters to show off and not allowing that Jack and Damian rugby tackle him... The calendar is currently at the printers and we will have these to hand out at the next three large pride events: so you will see us here Saturday 1st August 2015 Brighton Pride, Saturday 15th August Cardiff Mardi Gras and Sat 29th August Manchester Pride.

We will post details in a few weeks of the bars where you can also get a copy.

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