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My husband passed away in 2000 after a “beautiful marriage” of 44 years.Adapting to my new life alone I decided to move closer to my daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren in Santa Rosa.

"Photographs of her towards the end of her life show slight indentations on her posterior frontal region which is consistent with that type of surgery." Following the military coup of 1955, Peronism was banned - even to mention or possess a photograph of Evita was illegal - and the whereabouts of her body unknown for the next 16 years.

The charismatic first lady, second wife of Argentina's late President Juan Peron, died in July 1952 at the age of 33 at the height of her popularity and after months of illness that left her emaciated and weak.

"We have uncovered evidence that led us to believe she underwent a prefrontal lobotomy to relieve the pain, agitation and anxiety she suffered in the final months of her illness," Daniel Nijensohn, an Argentine-born neurosurgeon and professor at Yale University told the Daily Telegraph.

Evita The Alhambra THE story of Eva Peron - a smalltime actress born into poverty who became Argentina's controversial First Lady - isn’t your average musical theatre material, and it raised eyebrows when first staged 30 years ago.

But, from its origins as a rock opera concept album, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice haunting show, Evita, became a theatrical masterpiece. The score is lovely but the story just doesn't interest me, I find some of it dreary and longwinded, and I struggle to care about Eva Peron; cold, ruthless and the unlikely saint of a nation.

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