Extreme 268 cam here is dating

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You have to remember that most people who bought these engines/cars took off the stock exhaust and put on headers as soon as they could when they got them.

They didn't care (or even think about) what the car was going to be worth 20 years.

It's range (in the catalog) is from 1600 to 5800 Rpm's.

Not a bad little cam, would probably give you plenty of low end torque, and be a real streetable cam.

Chris, I don't know what you told the tech rep, so I'm just going by the comp cams catalog, and some magazine dyno tests I've seen.About 10.25-10.5 compression w/ a Crane HMV278 cam.....a dual pattern cam w/ similar specs as the Comp 284 w/ a 2500 stall...... Awesome mid-range power........still wants to run out of breath on the topend, but the 284 is a little bigger than my 278 and would probably do the trick. But ONLY after dropping the compression to 9.5 or lower! Comp cams waved me off of the 284 because I dont have an aftermarket intake and headers. As for exhaust, the stock 'vette manifolds aren't much different than todays shorty headers, and I'k considering porting and extrude honing to improve them.Shannon For those who missed the first post, this cam is for a 427/435 rect port head, tripower motor in my '69 vette (~3400 lb). Then again, I might just bend over and get headers if I can find nice ones to fit. What confuses me is that the stock 435 HP cam is 242/242 and .520/.520 on 114 centerlines. Your stock exhaust manifolds will be a real restriction in the upper rpm's comparted to headers, which to me is maybe why they steered you away from the bigger (284) cam.For some, the mechanical melody of a stout stick is sweet music, with the menacing rat-tat-tat of a long-duration lope being just the prescription for boulevard presence.Others prefer a subtler scheme, stepping up the specification for a gain in mechanical muscle, but not at the expense of down-the-road practicality. With so many possible permutations, where does one begin in selecting a camshaft--be it for a cruiser or bruiser?

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